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Burn -- Jenny Andersen

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Shooting from the Heart

I'm Jenny Andersen, and I write stories about gorgeous men and the strong women who can cope with them. It's all about love, with lots of dogs and horses and friendly people in small towns...along with some unfriendly people in small towns. And a bit of mystery and/or suspense for added flavor.

Small towns. That's where everyone knows all about you—and feels free to comment.

Horses. No, my heroes don't ride stallions. I mean, really. Have you ever tried to do that on a daily basis?
Dogs. The more the merrier.

Cats. Of course.

Gerbils, white rats, Guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, chickens... (Chickens? Yep. Had to put those in for Shelley Adina. Check her out if you like chickens or Steam Punk or just great stories.) Haven't written any of those yet, but never say never.

Sex. My books are spicy but not too explicit. (If you like something more graphic, check out Jasmine Haynes or Lilac James for erotic romance.)

Like my books, I'm not very formal, so stay and visit a while. Sign up for my free newsletter. And if you have any questions, about my books or writing or whatever, drop me a line.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Falling for A Cowboy -- Jenny Andersen


Falling for a Cowboy 

A six book box set contains Loving Luke and five other great cowboy stories.  Available for preorder at $2.99 now.  Release date November 2, 2017.

The Wild Rose Press  |  Kindle

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