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Shooting from the Heart

I'm Jenny Andersen, and I write stories about gorgeous men and the strong women who can cope with them.  It's all about love, with lots of dogs and horses and friendly people in small towns...along with some unfriendly people and a bit of mystery and/or suspense for added flavor.  (Small towns. That's where everyone knows all about you—and feels free to comment.)

Sorry about the long downtime…my goal for 2019 is to keep life from interfering with writing :) which it certainly did in 2018.

So what about what’s left of 2019?  Western Heroes: Grey is due in September December (editor’s schedule rules!).  I’ve really fallen in love with mining geologist Grey and Zandra, the sophisticated jewelry designer who is very much a duck out of water in Grey’s small mountain town. While they’re dealing with that problem there’s the small matter of someone trying to kill her.

Note that Western Heroes books are now in Kindle Unlimited for your reading pleasure. But they’re still available to buy!

Like my books, I'm not very formal, so stay and visit a while. Sign up for my free newsletter. And if you have any questions, about my books or writing or whatever, drop me a line.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Falling for A Cowboy -- Jenny AndersenMac

She’ll do whatever it takes to keep a promise, even a stupid, reckless one. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect his family, and she’s threatening it.

Poppy Grayson promises to help her friend Tom save his marriage by making his wife jealous. Cue instant regret for her reckless promise, a Montana dude ranch, a jealous wife, and hotter-than-a-volcano rancher Mac MacLean. Poppy’s desperate to keep her promise so she can let Mac light her fire, but every time she gets near Tom, Mac is there to defend him.

Mac thinks Poppy is trying to break up his sister’s marriage. He’ll do what it takes to defend his family, but he wants her for his own. Is she really an unprincipled home wrecker? Does he care?

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