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Check out my latest happenings on my blog.

What’s in Store for 2019

Chaos is the new normal. The only constant in life is change. And I’m the poster child for the way life can blindside you. I can’t say that things have gotten better, but maybe I’ve learned to cope.

So what’s the news? No commitments for conferences, workshops, etc., but working on the book I started so long ago.

The Book currently under construction is Western Heroes: Grey, the fourth of the Western Heroes series. (Note: they can be read as standalones.)

Mining geologist Grey Harrison thinks of gold as a job. He’s a tough ex-military man, comfortable in his rough job and small town.

Jewelry designer Zandra Linville sees gold as a tool of her art. She’s an elegant sophisticate who thinks the civilized world ends at the city limits.

When they jointly inherit a gold mine, a house, and an unidentified hidden treasure, they learn they’ve also inherited a killer.

Staying in touch

Newsletter: This only happens when there’s something to announce...like when books above actually get done.

Blog: I’ve been bad, very, very bad (yes, I’m still channeling Ross from Friends) about this.  Currently the idea is every two weeks, and the emphasis is on gemstones and jewelry. Only time will tell how this goes. Stay tuned!

Oh, and Let me know how you feel about newsletters. Do you want them only when there’s news or on a regular schedule? Regular could be quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily (Weekly and daily are so not going to happen. I’m assuming we both have lives other than reading email.).

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