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Check out my latest happenings on my blog.

What’s in Store for 2017

Writing.  Writing.  More writing.

Maybe a conference...they’re always fun and energizing. I have no appearances or workshops scheduled, but that may change.

New venture:  Patreon, an on-line artist’s collective.  Patrons (God love you all) pledge money in return for stories, essays, videos, vlogs, paintings, you name it.  I’ve teamed with Rachel Unger to offer short stories in all genres along with other rewards.  Check out Bunch at the Fiction Buffet  at www.patreon.com/jennyandersen  (Checking it out is free, as are between-story ‘snacks’.)

Books:  Glitter and Gold (working title but almost certain to change)--the fourth Western Heroes book.  Sophisticated, urban jewelry designer Zandra inherits a rural house, a gold mine, a wounded warrior, and someone who wants to kill her.  Not quite what she had in mind!

Death by Diamond, the first in a new mystery series that features Emma Goldsmith, a gemologist.  She loves her convicted jewel thief father but he does make life difficult.

Newsletter:  This only happens when there’s something to announce...like when the books above actually get done.

Blog:  I’ve been bad, very, very bad (yes, I’m channeling Ross from Friends) about this.  2017 is, I sincerely hope, the year to make a new post once a month.

Sounds like full year to me.  We’ll see how it plays out!

Oh, and P.S.  Let me know how you feel about newsletters.  Do you want them only when there’s news or on a regular schedule?  Regular could be quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily (daily is so not going to happen).

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