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Wallpaper with Roses -- Jenny Andersen

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Wallpaper with Roses

On the verge of achieving her long-held dream of starting her own business, Sarah Gault sees her independent life stripped away when she must move back to her childhood home to care for her elderly mother.

Hilda Gault never wanted to be a burden, but after a serious operation, life on her own becomes impossible. Determined to keep Sarah from worrying about her deteriorating condition, she tries to meet each new challenge with dignity and grace.

Stressed by mounting bills and her mother’s fragile health, Sarah has all she can handle. But when a neighbor loses her home and a pregnant woman in desperate need lands on their doorstep, Sarah opens her home to them both.

Embracing her new life, Sarah learns that sometimes family is a matter of the heart. And amidst the cycle of birth and death she finds the last thing she expected—the promise of romance.

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Hilda dressed as quickly as she could and looked around her room to check for anything she didn't want Sarah to see. The sticky notes really worked. The little reminders that she'd started writing to herself so that Sarah wouldn't notice her occasional lapses of memory were working out better than she had hoped. Even though they happened more often these days, they were one secret she was going to keep as long as possible.

She took the wonderful, blessed elevator downstairs and made tea, then settled herself at the little breakfast table by the bay window to let the delicate jasmine-scented steam warm her.

She'd gone through a whole super-pack of yellow notes in the three months since Sarah had moved in, sticking little reminders all over her room. Today is Friday. Fix dinner at 7. Doctor appointment Monday. Today's note read, Get more sticky notes. Maybe this time she'd try blue. Or that lovely soft pink that reminded her of Cabbage Roses, the ones that had started her passion for gardening and had resulted in the rose-patterned wallpapers in all the bedrooms.

Which reminded her—she reached dutifully for the pen and pad in her pocket—she'd better make a note that here in Crowley Falls, with its late-arriving spring, roses should be pruned in late April, not February. She'd been all the way out to the tool shed yesterday before she'd realized that rose pruning and snow weren't a good match.


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